90 – Scrambled Brains

A white void in the shape of an upside-down, glowing, lightning-radiating Brain hovers in a field of blackIn this mega-long episode the Brains discuss:

-Will is gone for this complete do-over episode

-Matt and Nick carry on by discussing “Read More

89 – Scrambled Brains

Agent Coulson is having his Brain (which happens to be glowing an radiating lightning) manipulated by little robotic probesThe Brains start off trying not to spoil the maybe real…maybe fake “Age of Ultron” … Read More

88 – Scrambled Brains

Daredevil and Luke Cage sit down to refresh themselves, consuming a couple of glowing, lightning-radiating brainsIn this episode:

-Netflix’s “Daredevil” is awesome! Thus sayth the brains. But does “Daredevil’s” hard edge mean that “Read More

87 – Scrambled Brains

Bill Murray, with wild, flyaway hair, triumphantly holds aloft a glowing, lightning-radiating BrainIn this episode:

-Nick is back…because when you’re a Brain, you’re a Brain 4 Life!

-“Daredevil” is coming out this week and the guys geek out, … Read More

86 – Scrambled Brains

Two men are conversing in a mall. One of the men is reaching down the back of his pants while, in his other hand, he holds a glowing, upside-down, lightning-radiating Brain.In this episode:

-Will returns from Europe and he recounts his many … Read More

Scrambled Brains – PlanetCon 2015 Special

In this episode:

Will and Matt (mostly Will) bring Planet ComiCon 2015 to your waiting ears! Featuring interviews with a smattering of cosplayers, a couple of podcasters and a heap of comic creators, writers and artists including:

85 – Scrambled Brains

In this episode:

– We are now in a post Planet ComicCon 2015 world and most of the episode is dominated by talk of what the Brains did at one of Missouri’s largest comic conventions; including who they saw, what they did, and most important … Read More

84 – Scrambled Brains

A man in his cubicle, sitting behind row after row of others in their cubicles, all watched over through their desktop monitors by a glowing, lightning-radiating, upside-down BrainIn this episode:

-The Read More

83 – Scrambled Brains

Leonard Nimoy, as Mr. Spock, embrases a huge, lightning-radiating, upside-down, glowing Brain

Michelle Rodriguez weighs in on Hollywood racebending

– The Brains observe the passing of Leonard Nimoy

Read More

82 – Scrambled Brains

Hovering over a Windows 98 desktop background is the "internet connection wizard" window, but in place of the modem is a glowing, upside-down, lightning-radiating Brain, which is also distributing small blue orbs across an small world map image below it-Matt has … Read More