82 – Scrambled Brains

Hovering over a Windows 98 desktop background is the "internet connection wizard" window, but in place of the modem is a glowing, upside-down, lightning-radiating Brain, which is also distributing small blue orbs across an small world map image below it-Matt has … Read More

81 – Scrambled Brains

Deadpool holds a glowing, lightning-radiating, upside-down Brain in his hand and tries to explain to two confused home-owners that it had just broken into their house.- We review Universal’s latest reboot of the vampire mythos in Dracula Untold

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80 – Scrambled Brains

We’ve been talking about this the last few weeks, but now it’s official: after this episode the old feed will not be updated again. We’ve moved to a new little corner of the internet and if you are an iTunes subscriber, and haven’t already done so, … Read More

79 – Scrambled Brains

Standing behind the counter at Mooby's, Becky and Dante are looking at Randal (off-screen) in stunned disbelief. Becky holds a glowing, lightning-radiating, upside-down Brain.The Brains take a road trip up to the Antiquarium for their big sale (which will … Read More

77 – Scrambled Brains

In a futuristic control room a young boy attempts to insert a conduit into the exposed Brain in Robby the Robot's open chest cavity.In this episode:

– The Brains are still recording in some guy’s basement. Is Will ever gonna get … Read More

76 – Scrambled Brains

brainCherIn this episode: 

-R.I.P. to Taylor Negron…even though we don’t even really know who he is. 

-TV news: ArrowFlashConstantine, and Read More

75 – Scrambled Brains

brainverlyHillbilliesIn this episode:

-TV’s Elly May Clampett, Donna Douglas, from the Beverly Hillbillies and the head vampire from The Lost Boys, Read More

74 – Scrambled Brains

brainsRunnerIn this episode: 

-A shameless plug for the Brains spin-off:  Picture Show and Tell. A movie spoiler podcast premiering January 1st (we hope)! 

-We then move on to the biggest … Read More

Dawn of the Planet of the Apes – The Spoilers!

The Spoilers wrap up their Planet of the Apes series with the latest release Dawn of the Planet of the Apes.

dawnOfThePlanetOfTheApesSpoilerA growing nation of genetically evolved apes led by Caesar is … Read More