108 – Scrambled Brains

Leatherface gets more than he bargained for when he grabs hold of two of the lightning bolts radiating from a large, floating, glowing, upside-down Brain.-This episode starts with a bang as, moments before we go to air, Matt finds out that … Read More

107 – Scrambled Brains

Ash pours over the cursed tome, and its gruesome anatomical depictions, including one which appeared to show an upside-down, lightning-radiating Brain emerging from the top of a mutilated, decapitated deadite head.-We start out the episode singing the praises, and spoiling the … Read More

106 – Scrambled Brains

Uncle Gregory holds an upside-down, glowing, lightning-radiating Brain.Horror Host Uncle Gregory is leaving us and Matt and Will remember Fox kids pitch-man Mike Malibu.

Jared Leto Joker still terrible and Ash vs The … Read More

105 – Scrambled Brains

Batgirl smirks as she holds a small, glowing, lightning-radiating Brain.-Were Ace of Base Nazis?

-The end of an era as Playboy goes non-nude.

-A New Gamera Movie and King Kong vs Godzilla round 2.

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104 – Scrambled Brains

Tucker and Esther Cobblepot, sipping martinis garnished with tiny, lightning-radiating Brains, gaze contentedly out at the snow covered grounds of their palatial estate.

-The season premier of “Arrow”….or rather ‘Green Arrow’.

-In “Gotham” news: Paul Reubens … Read More

103 – Scrambled Brains

William Castle, decked out in a gothic cape, joyfully carves an enormous, lightning-radiating, upside-down Brain like a Thanksgiving turkey.-Pepsi is bringing us something from the year 2015….Pepsi Perfect…..but only for a select few and at 20 bucks a bottle.

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102 – Scrambled Brains

Elliot is watching the Scrambled Brains website, waiting for the new episodes. Refresh Elliot! They're here!-Yogi Berra is dead….Yogi Bear, however, still very much alive.

-Lego Dimensions are cool, but expensive.

-New casting news for “Supergirl” and “Legends of … Read More

101 – Scrambled Brains

JJ and Victor stare off in shock, oblivious to the small, floating, glowing, lighting-radiating Brain residing in their table-top lantern-”Pee Wee’s Playhouse” turns 30 and makes us all feel old.

-The new “Jessica Jones” teaser has dropped and it is trippy … Read More

100 – Scrambled Brains

Holding an oversized, glowing, upside-down, lightning-radiating Brain nonchalantly in his right hand, Skeletor cackled, "now I have the power". -DEATH! WE MUST START WITH DEATH! The creator of Marmaduke has bitten the big one.

-Was “Avengers 2” a failure?

-Was Force … Read More