129 – Scrambled Brains

BrainzlerZac Snyder gets pwned by Gerry Conway

A week before the US release, “Civil War” has already made 200 Million overseas

“Punisher” Netflix … Read More

3 – SB Nuggets: Top 90’s Music Videos

90videosThe Brains each count down their own top five music video’s from the 1990’s.

Click here for a playlist of the Brains’ picks.

128 – Scrambled Brains

BrainsKillerThe Purple One passes on and overshadows Chyna‘s death

A new “Civil War” TV spot has more Spidey action

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2 – SB Nuggets: Top 80’s Action Flicks

80sActionThe Brains each count down their own top five action movies of the 80’s….with plenty overlap, of course…

127 – Scrambled Brains

BrainsNRosesAxel Rose’s new gig

First pics of Finn Jones from the set of “Iron Fist”

“Doctor Strange” trailer hits

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1 – SB Nuggets: Superhero VS Superhero Battles

In commemoration of “Batman v Superman” and “Captain America: Civil War”, the brains count down their favorite Superhero vs Superhero comic book battles.

126 – Scrambled Brains

BrainLockMerle Haggard sings his last song

New trailers galore as we go over “Star Wars: Rogue One”, “TMNT 2”, … Read More

125 – Scrambled Brains

BrainManVThe Brains try a streaming video experiment

Admiral Ackbar can’t avoid death’s trap

“Superman v Batman” has a huge … Read More

Batman V Superman SPOILER – Scrambled Brains


The Brains leave nothing to the imagination in their recounting of the gritty superhero slugfest “Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice”.

124 – Scrambled Brains

cloverBrainGarry Shandling has passed away

Punisher getting it’s own series on Netflix (maybe)

A New team photo from the … Read More