Scrambled Brains – PlanetCon 2015 Special

In this episode:

Will and Matt (mostly Will) bring Planet ComiCon 2015 to your waiting ears! Featuring interviews with a smattering of cosplayers, a couple of podcasters and a heap of comic creators, writers and artists including:

85 – Scrambled Brains

In this episode:

– We are now in a post Planet ComicCon 2015 world and most of the episode is dominated by talk of what the Brains did at one of Missouri’s largest comic conventions; including who they saw, what they did, and most important … Read More

84 – Scrambled Brains

A man in his cubicle, sitting behind row after row of others in their cubicles, all watched over through their desktop monitors by a glowing, lightning-radiating, upside-down BrainIn this episode:

-The Read More

83 – Scrambled Brains

Leonard Nimoy, as Mr. Spock, embrases a huge, lightning-radiating, upside-down, glowing Brain

Michelle Rodriguez weighs in on Hollywood racebending

– The Brains observe the passing of Leonard Nimoy

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82 – Scrambled Brains

Hovering over a Windows 98 desktop background is the "internet connection wizard" window, but in place of the modem is a glowing, upside-down, lightning-radiating Brain, which is also distributing small blue orbs across an small world map image below it-Matt has … Read More

81 – Scrambled Brains

Deadpool holds a glowing, lightning-radiating, upside-down Brain in his hand and tries to explain to two confused home-owners that it had just broken into their house.- We review Universal’s latest reboot of the vampire mythos in Dracula Untold

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80 – Scrambled Brains

We’ve been talking about this the last few weeks, but now it’s official: after this episode the old feed will not be updated again. We’ve moved to a new little corner of the internet and if you are an iTunes subscriber, and haven’t already done so, … Read More

79 – Scrambled Brains

Standing behind the counter at Mooby's, Becky and Dante are looking at Randal (off-screen) in stunned disbelief. Becky holds a glowing, lightning-radiating, upside-down Brain.The Brains take a road trip up to the Antiquarium for their big sale (which will … Read More

77 – Scrambled Brains

In a futuristic control room a young boy attempts to insert a conduit into the exposed Brain in Robby the Robot's open chest cavity.In this episode:

– The Brains are still recording in some guy’s basement. Is Will ever gonna get … Read More