98 – Scrambled Brains

brainsLive–Bad news first: ‘Rowdy‘ Roddy Piper and TV’s Batgirl Yvonne Craig, RIP.

-Then the Brains move on to two latest Superhero flicks, “Ant-Man” and “Fantastic Four”…one they liked, one they didn’t. Can you guess which is which?

-Nick explains the ‘Michael … Read More

97 – Scrambled Brains

An upside-down, pink brain, radiating lightning bolts and exhibiting a faint blue glow-The General Lee is evil? What about Knight Rider?

-The Brains go to the movies as they talk “Inside Out” and “Terminator: Genysis”.

-Early reviews of “Ant-Man” are in … Read More

96 – Scrambled Brains

While terrified onlookers and helicopters observe the scene, Lizzie and George (gripping an enormous, lightning-radiating, glowing Brain) square-off atop an apartment building.”Spider-Man” has been cast! “Spider-Man” has a director! Problem is The Brains don’t know anything about either one … Read More

95 – Scrambled Brains

Star Lord, having returned to an Earth where dinosaurs roam, holds an unpside-down, lightning-radiating, glowing Brain, while a nearby woman looks over his shoulder apprehensively”Jurassic World” beats “Avengers” opening weekend…with the same old plot from the first movie?

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94 – Scrambled Brains

Lord Summerisle raises his hands in exaltation, standing before the wicker man, its wriggling scaffolds just managing to contain a gigantic, floating, glowing, lightning radiating Brain. Sad news, as we learn of the deaths of both, horror legend Christopher … Read More

93 – Scrambled Brains

Jack and Wang look confused as Egg shows them a large, glowing, lightning-radiating Brain he recently caught

”Big Trouble in Little China” is getting a remake….starring the Rock?!?!?

-The evilest man alive, Christopher Lee, turns 93.

-”Tron 3.0” is … Read More

92 – Scrambled Brains

While Superman stands debilitated by a large chunk of kryptonite, Supergirl appears, unaffected, nearby, carrying a huge, glowing, upside-down, lightning radiating Brain.

-Superhero TV with the leaked “Supergirl” pilot. And the Brains can finally talk about “Daredevil” now that Matt has … Read More

91 – Scrambled Brains

Furiosa sits astride a huge, upside-down, glowing, lightning-radiating Brain, pinning it to the ground.

– Will returns and gives his own thoughts on “Age of Ultron”.

Robert Kirkman is working on “Transformers” spin-off movies (yay?) and … Read More

90 – Scrambled Brains

A white void in the shape of an upside-down, glowing, lightning-radiating Brain hovers in a field of blackIn this mega-long episode the Brains discuss:

-Will is gone for this complete do-over episode

-Matt and Nick carry on by discussing “Read More

89 – Scrambled Brains

Agent Coulson is having his Brain (which happens to be glowing an radiating lightning) manipulated by little robotic probesThe Brains start off trying not to spoil the maybe real…maybe fake “Age of Ultron” … Read More